A modern software, simplify business processes

A tailored solution, which follows wherever you go

Empower Workforce

Tracking Journey - Locate engineer & assign job nearest location

Now it's easier to locate staff and what they are doing

  • Find where the field engineer is on the map
  • Filter historical journeys of field engineer
  • Track Jobs on the map with details

Job Scheduler - Make quicker decision, schedule job efficiently

Scheduling job is pain part of scheduling service business, JOBIO simplified with scientific way

  • JOBIO-ASSIST suggests field engineer who is,
    • Nearest to job
    • Available in customer given slot
    • Right skilled
  • Assign multiple worker to single job
  • Uniquely designed scheduler
  • Interactive daily/weekly/monthly scheduler
  • See who is working in non-working hours

Team Messaging - Message to team member on the go

Messaging is key of easy communication and messaging interface making your team collaboration more streamlined

  • Two-way messaging from both mobile apps and web app
  • Institutive experience with conversation messaging list
  • Message status acknowledgment

Field Mobile App - A free mobile app for deskless employees to collaborate, execute & on-time

Field Mobile App is designed field workers to manage their jobs on smartphones and tablets, reducing paperwork & increasing productivity

  • Add new Customer
  • Attend new visit and send new enquiry with requested item list
  • Manage job, items, pick list, equipment, task and many more
  • Job Map and route
  • Take photos for inspection
  • Stay connected to back office with real time GPS location
  • Work offline
  • Messaging
  • Take signatures
  • Manage Assets
  • Tailored design mobile forms

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