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Impress Customer

Enquiry - Reach out is important

We believe that reaching for customers to you or vice versa is backbone of business, therefore JOBIO provides 3 type of enquiry options. These lets you capture leads from the prospect customers.

Telephonic/Manually: You can add any inquiry from web app

Visits: On the field/onsite visit, engineer can add inquiry from mobile app

Website: Out simple web plugin can bring out enquiries from your website

Estimate/Quotation - Without estimation, nobody buy

The estimate is important commitment, therefore we designed it with all possible aspects

  • Set estimation expire date-time
  • Add parts/line-items in estimate, which exist in stock
  • Get digital approval for estimate from Customer Portal
  • Get customer preferred job location and timing
  • Finally communicate with Customer using messaging

Customer Portal - Digital nest for your Customer

The customer portal is one stop for all needs of your customer, Manage the customer journey in a way that builds lifelong business relationships

  • View and Accept estimates
  • Send message to communicate on Job or estimate
  • Track job status
  • Digital receipts of estimates, jobs and inspection
  • Pay online using accounting add-ons

Customer History - Impress your Customer by finding their backgrounds

The JOBIO designed to facilitate quick and detailed background of your Customers

  • Global search quickly find out Customer by their name, postcode
  • Global search also finds out all background details of Customer
  • Customer 360 page gives you eye to catch all past estimates, jobs invoices.
  • A connected flow lets you see each item in details
  • Manage multiple addresses, locations and special notes

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