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Posted by Jahanvi Shah on October 01, 2017

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If you are looking for a field service solution, it is an important thing to recognize that the people actually using it after disposition will play a vital role in its success. If you've recently develop your business services team from one to many, it might be a good time to start thinking about a field service management app.

From technicians to electricians, Plumbers to engineers, keeping track of field workers. As your business and field service team starts to grow, JOBIO wanted to appreciate that initiative by better enabling their planning, scheduling, dispatch and execution of field work with leading technology to be more responsive to customer needs.

JOBIO will help you to schedule and dispatch workers in the field, keep track of each movement, and create invoices for completed jobs. This priority on the user experience is so important. JOBIO is one of the good option to choose a cloud-based field service management system.

The most elegant tendency in field management software is integration between back office and field workers in the field. Having mobile solution availability is key to secure competency, and employee visibility in field business.

What you need?

One who have never used a field service software, they actually don't know what they need. So, there are some basic functions will help you and your team to manage all the work effectively.

Job Scheduling & Dispatch: The Scheduler helps you to keep you updated with each job timeline, depending on the type of job

updated with each job timeline, depending on the type of job and required skills, workers are dispatched individually or in teams of two or more. Workers availability will be automatically determined by scheduler but dispatchers have to coordinate worker's skill, travel time and availability of parts.

For those who looks for more advanced options, Field track is continuously shares the location of your field workers keeping them safe and productive as they go about their day. This is useful for assigning tasks and help you to keep track of who's where.

There is JOBIO Mobile app that can help you sort and schedule employees based on their current location, as well as ones for assigning jobs. Also consider how easy the scheduling functions are to use something with drag and drop functionality. It can be more useful if you want to change assignments of job.


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