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Posted by Jahanvi Shah on October 05, 2017

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JOBIO is a field management service software that works for organizations of all sizes and for field service businesses in any industry.

JOBIO is also a process management software that businesses use to integrate applications, manage business functions and automate back-office chores that involve customer service, technology and human resources. Although today's businesses understand that technology is essential for success, service teams are still falling short in delivering value to customers.

Imagine a field service solution where management can schedule and assign large teams of engineers to the most crucial jobs, track the status of equipment warranties for expiration, and determine when equipment needs upgrading, servicing and/or replacement.

Jobs can be effectively managed; the right field worker can be dispatched to the right job. Ongoing data production can be captured for analysis, and checklists can be utilized to assure that proper procedures and best practices are followed.

Field engineers must have the means to interface with office systems via a mobile device. They need access to job scheduling, service histories and other customer information. They must be able to access manuals, record parts usage and asset details while interfacing with dispatchers, colleagues and managers. They also need a way to request additional time on a site when necessary.

Enterprise-level field service management software should allow dispatchers to create service schedules according to skill sets, historical job data and customer location.

One thing you should look for is a solution which easily integrates with your current systems, as a field service solution which is easily integrated means a much faster return on your investment. With an easily integrated field service solution you don't need to think about changing your workflow systems. You want to maximize the investment you have made in your existing systems, to increase their value to you.             

How can JOBIO help you?

Enquiry: We believe that reaching for customer to you is key-stone of business, So JOBIO is providing Enquiry option to get business enquiries with regards to your products or services.

Estimate/Quotation: The quote is important commitment; Quotes are documents which let a potential buyer how much your goods or service will cost before they commit purchase.

Customer Portal: The customer portal manages the customer journey in a way that builds lifelong business relationships. It will manage multiple addresses, locations and special notes. The customer portal is used for all needs of your customer.

Tracking Journey: Location are subject to matters. Using this feature, it's easy to locate engineer and assign job to nearest location, also easy to find where the field engineer on the map with their journey details.

Job Scheduler: Scheduling job is main part of scheduling service business, The Scheduler helps you to keep you updated with job timeline, it also allows you to change date, time slot and assignment.        


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