Tips to manages field services

Posted by Jahanvi Shah on October 12, 2017

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Management is the interference of getting work done through others, so the success of the field service management is directly linked to the performance of the team. Business around the world is still mostly 'Physical', and it's work involve 'Things', 'Stuff', or whatever we want to call it.

Delivery of goods must be made to clients,physical equipment has to be repaired or maintained, it may be regularly service and inspected, installation of devices has to be performed somewhere,house or facilities have to be cleaned, gardens must be trimmed, waste have to be collected, etc. Teams of people that have to perform tasks somewhere, sometimes involving tools,equipment and transportation.

Principles of field service management software:

Standardized: The Field Service Management processes should be standardized, to reduce error risk and improve productivity continuously. This seems obvious, but it's incredible how scarcely this is done in businesses, to begin with.

Supporting: Have a single tool to manage the whole Field Services cycle, from job preparation,to people assignment, job tracking, and service closing, stock management and Customer portal etc.

Connect with the team:The team should be able to know what is going on as a whole, interact with each team member by messaging and send real time notification to keep everyone on same board. Jobio's real time location service track all engineers on the field.

Distributed: Field Service Managers and Workers should have access to the information they need wherever they are, being it knowing what's someone next field service assignment or monitoring for delayed or canceled field services.

If you manage a business with Field Services, you should start by:


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