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Organize Back-office

Stock Management - Make sure you got parts/items in stock before you quote or job

Efficient/Accurate stock keeping is mission critical for service/maintenance industry, plug & play feature for those who deal with inventory


- Hold stock for estimation/quotation
- Keep eye on who hold & sold, what and how much


- Set minimum quantity alerts
- Set part's cost, price & expiry
- Set location e.g. depot/ warehouse/ rack

Purchase Order

- Create and send Purchase Order
- Receive Purchase Order full or partial
- Stock entry using barcode reader

Stock Return

- Stock entry for customer & engineer return
- Maintain stock records of damaged and debit your stock

Asset, Inspection & Service - Surely you got some expensive assets to empower your team

Manage your expensive assets by inspecting and service them recurring base

  • Assign asset to staff with check-in and check-out
  • Track asset by location and barcode scanner
  • Assign recurrence inspection alerts to each asset
  • Assign recurrence service alerts to each asset
  • Receive inspection alerts on mobile app and capture inspection photos
  • Receive service alerts on mobile app and capture service photos/bills

Mobile Forms - Tailor your mobile form and start capturing data from field

Design your very own form, attach them with job and start receiving your desire data from field

  • Design forms with simple form builder
  • Add multiple form fields with validation & data required
  • Design multi-screen form
  • Filter and analyse form data

Market Intelligence - A broad picture of the company's existing market, customers, competition, and growth potential for new items and services

  • Get accurate market information
  • Make corrective decision by evaluate customer choice
  • Compete in price and quality against competitors
  • Make accurate and confident decision-making for market opportunity
  • Build effective sales planning for your bussiness
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competitors
  • Get customer's next plan renewal date for sales lead
Monitor Business

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